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I never understood where this is coming from, but when it all boils down, I must be an androgynous fellow.A lot of gay men call themselves androgynous, and people think androgynous means gay. A truly androgynous man, the sort of man that I am, should ideally have very strong components that are both masculine and feminine.

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“The boy looks very similar to a girl, and since anyone could enter our contest, he chose to participate as well.

We got his photos, and in the end the jury chose him as the winner, he was selected,” Zheanna Stolpovskaya, manager of the lingerie store chain that organized the photo contest, told 360TV.

“For the final photo shoot, we chose three girls, he didn’t participate, because the photos will be available for everyone to see.

Obviously, we couldn’t predict how the general public and our buyers would react to them.” apparently didn’t even win a consolation prize, but he says that he’s not disappointed at all, because he never expected to win in the first place.

Men with feminine faces will be luckier in love as more women are attracted to them than masculine men, according to a new study.

Most women prefer men with more feminine shaped faces and darker skin, according to research by psychologists at New York and Princeton universities.

This includes girlfriends that have known me for a very long time.

What this means to me is that only men understand masculinity.

Aware of his feminine features, they decided to take a few photos of Andrey wearing some sexy women’s lingerie and enter them into the contest, just for fun.

Andrey’s girlfriend, whose name has not been made public, fixed his hair and did his makeup before asking a talented photographer to snap some rather professional-looking photos of him and submitting them to the contest organizer online.

Any suggestions on how can I create a balanced androgynous appearance? Need some encouragement or to know what's working/not working for me.

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