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Jionni showers and they go into the room to “get busy”.Mike is on edge because he thinks that he and Jionni have beef and he says that he is going to kick him if he gets too close to him or wants to fight.

Nicole tells him that he isn’t and that he needs to relax.

Nicole goes on stage and shows off her private parts. Nicole chases after him and so do the other roommates.

Jenni knows that Nicole is drunk and that she doesn’t mean it.

Ronnie chases Jionni down and tries to talk to him.

But later at the house when Vinny tells Pauly that he is going to get the blow horn to alert Seaside that they have a grenade at the Jersey Shore. (Drunk Punch Love) at Karma that night when Nicole meets him on the dance floor and starts dancing with him right away and soon that's lead to him and her making out and then Nicole takes him home.

On the way back home, he ask Nicole if she even knows his name and Nicole says yes but she is lying and calls him Bernard when he ask her again when in the smush room and but they get interrupted when Vinny realizes that Nicole’s guy is the same guy that took away his girl he was with when he came to the house with his uncle.Jionni is first seen in Season Three when Vinny meets a girl who has a protective uncle and brother and who is Jionni Sister.He asks her to go to house with him and she agrees. Pauly attempts to leave when a man comes up with Jionni. She gets her things and tells Vinny to call her, but of course, Vinny doesn’t like that fact and won’t call her back.In the cab, Mike tells that if Jionni asks him what happened, he is going to tell him.At the club, Mike is constantly showing the guys that he is ready to fight and Vinny and Pauly laugh at him.Mike is constantly telling that he is not going to put his guard down and Jenni and Denna tell him to forget it and let it go.

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