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The description of the Iiga dynasty in the Codex starts with igo "Arista" and his children.

Ibn Hayyn provides a completely different perspective, suggesting that the father of igo "Arista" was also named igo.

There is no way of knowing whether this is simply a mistake in the source or whether Ibn Hayyn provides the correct answer to the conundrum.

This requires us to believe that the mention of igo Jimnez in the second part of the Codex is completely unrelated to igo "Arista" in the first part.

The genealogical section of the Codex is grouped into six parts, each dealing with a distinct family.

Apart from the Navarrese dynasties, these are the counts of Aragon, Pallars, Gascony and Toulouse, none of whom is recorded as related to the others in the male line.

One possibility, therefore, is that the author of the Codex purposely separated his description of the two Navarrese dynasties, in the same way as his narrative concerning the other comital families, because they too were unrelated.

This satisfies the chronological difficulty mentioned above in relation to the first explanation.

However, why would the authors of the Codex omit any reference to such an obvious relationship?

C shows that Garca was probably of a similar age to igo "Arista"'s grandchildren, and so evidently could not have been igo "Arista"'s brother. A, Arab sources which name igo "Arista" specify that his father was igo not Jimeno, although this is contradicted by a (dubious) charter of the monastery of Leire which does call him "Ennecorex, filius Simeonis".

"Jimeno", father of the brothers Garca and igo Jimnez (whose name is indicated only by the patronymic accorded to his sons), was the son of igo "Arista".

We are left therefore with two contradictory versions of the parentage of igo "Arista".

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