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Last year, Dawn French described her partner as "the only man who hasn't seen me on TV".

She said: "I definitely didn't think I would meet someone else.

‘Dawn’s very much in love with Mark and isn’t looking forward to being apart for what could be two months if he doesn’t fly down to visit.

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There was no star quality about them at all." On an appearance on The Paul O'Grady Show on 6 October 2008, French said that "Fatty" is her nickname for Jennifer Saunders, as a joke about her own size.

French said that she became great friends with Saunders well before they started working together, which was "over 30 years ago".

The book consists of letters to the different people who have been in her life.

French has had an extensive career on television, debuting on Channel 4's The Comic Strip Presents series in an episode called "Five Go Mad in Dorset" in 1982.

Saunders has described the act, which involved wearing tampons in their ears, as "cringeworthy".

The manager of the club recalled, "They didn't seem to give a damn.French has been dating therapist Bignell since 2011, following her divorce from Lenny Henry in 2010 after 25 years of marriage.Jennifer Saunders and Kathy Burke are said to have been among the wedding guests on Saturday.The comedienne will be away from charity executive Mark, 49, for up to two months so she was keen for them to get hitched before her departure.‘She wanted to marry before she had to travel,’ a source tells the Daily Mirror.Lots of mixed-race couples weren't so lucky." star revealed how close the family came to danger."Someone put an oily rag through our front door and tried to burn us down," she said."Luckily I woke up and smelt it, otherwise I'm not sure we would be here."French and Henry announced their divorce in October 2010, on the grounds of Henry's "unreasonable behaviour".

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