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The shutter button has also moved from the top of the camera body, to the top of the grip itself, and is now angled slightly downward.

An addition custom function button has also been added to the top plate of the camera body.

The a7 II (right) is a good bit heavier than the original a7.

Some consistency throughout the reviews would be nice, every review seems to have different pages, omitting some one page in one review and different in another.

For example I can't find what the custom button and wheel assign-ability is with this model here.

The Sony Alpha 7 II will be available, body only, for $1,700 and as a kit with the 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS lens for $2000.

It's worth noting that the Sony a7 II does not ship with a proper battery charger, instead it comes with a Micro USB cable and the AC-UUD11 AC Battery Charging Adapter (a USB to AC converter).

To compensate for the increased weight of the a7 II, the size and depth of the grip has been increased, resulting in a very comfortable camera to hold.

The front and rear facing control dials have been substantially shrunken down and recessed into the camera body, making it nearly impossible to accidentally nudge them without knowing it, a frequent complaint of a7 users.

When shooting with an OSS lens, the a7 II compensates for Roll as well as X and Y axis movements using sensor-based IS, Pitch and Yaw are compensated for using lens-based IS.

When a non-OSS lens is affixed, even if it's a third party lens with an adapter, 5-axis IS is accomplished fully in-camera.

Sony claims AF has been improved about 30% over its predecessor thanks to algorithm tweaks, and tracking has been improved 1.5x.

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