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So my ego kicked in and I thought, “OK, maybe I can.

Let’s see.” Next thing you know, I was being washed overboard and underwater and bounced around.

'I welcomed the chance of being an actor in a film in which you’d at least have the chance to perform in a way that could make the audience come close to you.

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During shooting, Redford was often knocked off his feet by their force.

An enormous hose was imported to spray heavy jets of water directly at his head; he developed an infection, and temporarily lost the hearing in his left ear.

Yet his black shoes are so highly polished they might be patent leather; they wouldn’t look out of place if he wore them to the Oscars.

He still has matinee idol looks, and his fair skin appears less damaged and weather-beaten than on occasions when I’ve met him in Park City, Utah, where the Sundance Festival is held.

'I told him the third act [when it is clear the boat will sink] was all about him as an actor – here’s this guy coming to grips with his own mortality.

If the film’s going to work, he stands in for all of us.’ So why did Redford do it?

Back in April, I talked to Robert Redford when he brought his Sundance Film Festival to London for a second year, and threw a cheeky question at him.

As the man who founded Sundance in 1978, he has given dozens of aspiring young independent directors (including Quentin Tarantino, Steven Soderbergh and Paul Thomas Anderson) their big break by providing a showcase for their earliest films.

'When I read the script, I thought to myself, either JC’s crazy or this is going to be good. It was instinct, it was trust.’ The key word in his explanation is surely 'independent.’ Aside from his fabled support and nurturing for independent filmmakers via Sundance for so long, Redford has also leveraged his stardom to cajole studios into bankrolling smaller, less commercial films that he produced, and sometimes directed and acted in, but that coincided with his own taste.

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