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Over 40 million Furbies were sold during the three years of its original production, with 1.8 million sold in 1998, and 14 million in 1999.

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They also have an extended vocabulary and different "Easter eggs" and "games" built into them. All have white eyelashes and one of six different eyecolors.

Novel Furbies were also released, including an interactive Furby-like "Gizmo", from the film Gremlins, a Furby-like "Interactive Yoda" based on the Star Wars character, and a Furby-like "Interactive E. Another "friend of Furby", called "Shelby", is similar to Furby, but looks like a clam, has vast improvements in memory, and has a different personality; it was released in 2001 and can communicate with the original Furbies and Furby Babies.

They released another updated Furby with LCD eyes and a mobile app for the holiday season in 2012.

Dave Hampton and Caleb Chung spent nine months creating the Furby (in addition to nine months spent designing the toy).

The originals are still popular with many hackers as they can be dissected and made to do interesting things.

In particular, their advanced audio capabilities and various sensory interfaces make them popular with the circuit bending community. Furby Babies are smaller than the original, have higher voices, and cannot dance, but they switch to speaking English more quickly.

They also have sensors that can sense loud sounds, can sense being upside down (they say things like "Shiver me timbers" and "Walk the plank" when you leave them upside-down for an extended period of time), and they laugh when you "tickle" them (their antennae – or "tennies", as they like to call them). You can feed them by sticking your finger in their mouth.

Similarly, Shelbies do not have their own names, unlike the classic Furbies.

Furbies start out speaking entirely Furbish, a language with short words, simple syllables, and various other sounds.

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