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As live video and photo sharing become increasingly central to mobile communication, other businesses have been working hard to ensure that they're catering to growing consumer demand.

AXA Singapore today launched My AXAHealth, a one-stop health app that provides users with easy access to high quality medical advice from Singapore based GPs via live chat or secure “face-to-face” video call anytime and anywhere in the world.

This is the first time an insurer is offering such a service in Singapore and in Asia.

The addition brings the chat app up to speed with other platforms including Facebook Messenger, Whats App, and Apple’s Face Time.

However, unlike with other apps, which turn video calling into a full-screen interaction, Kik’s video calling feature provides a less obtrusive experience, with users participating in the conversation appearing in small bubbles, referred to as "talking heads," on the screen.

Customers simply need to show proof of previous medical prescriptions and go through a simple consultation before the new prescription is approved and generated by the doctor.

My AXAHealth and My Doc are free mobile applications available on the App Store and Google Play.The mobile app will also allow customers to manage their healthcare experience by submitting and tracking their health claims online.Supported by the AXA Assistance Medical Desk, customers will also be able to collect prescriptions from their local pharmacy and benefit from a specialist referral service.From there, we have plans to roll out this exclusive service to all AXA customers.” Mr Philippe Demangeat, Chief Executive Officer of AXA Assistance Singapore also shared, “We are excited to partner with AXA Insurance in this initiative in Singapore, we believe the synergy between both parties will bring positive impact to Singaporeans in their daily lives.” Skip the Waiting Room and Consult a Doctor at Your Fingertips How Does My AXAHealth App Work? Start chatting with the dedicated AXA Medical Desk to get a video consultation appointment with a GP 1.Log in to My AXAHealth app Once logged onto My AXAHealth portal with their account details, AXA customers can search or locate nearby medical clinics or centres, hospitals or doctors, gain instant access on their personal health policy coverage benefits, limits and exclusions, track their insurance claims details, or retrieve their AXA medical cards. Request for a Live Doctor Consultation via My Doc Be it a cold, a sudden rash, eye condition, or a simple medical query, customers can request for a live doctor consultation via the My Doc mobile app.“With the prevalence of personal mobile devices and increasing reliance on technology, there is a need to fill the gap of being able to gain access to medical advice anytime, anywhere.

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