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Existing schools are overcrowded and understaffed, with only 30 per cent of teachers properly qualified.

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Previously, the classrooms were constructed of clay and chopped straw, and bricks were used for benches.

“Now, when you enter in the school Quinze Ans, you can really feel the change,” says Ms. Huge challenges Basic education in Chad faces enormous challenges.

UNICEF is also constructing hundreds of boreholes and latrines.

In addition to the training of teachers, UNICEF is also providing teaching and learning materials, with millions of reading books and teachers’ guides distributed across the country.

He worked at Illinois Math and Science Academy as a resident hall counselor for five years, then was housing coordinator with Illinois College for a year. To gauge how beloved the Canadays were in the NIU community, the university chose the family as a beneficiary their first Northern Illinois University football jersey auction, an effort to raise money by selling Corn Fest-themed jerseys.

The Canadays' oldest son, Brandon, a 20-year-old Southern Illinois University-Carbondale student, has followed Dad's lead.“Our goal is to make education real for children, families and communities,” says Bruno Maes, UNICEF Representative in Chad.“Access to free, compulsory education is a right that should be sustained for all children, no matter where they live or how difficult the circumstances in which they live.” With the support of GPE and EAC, UNICEF is building almost 1,600 classrooms, using eco-friendly insulation materials that help keep indoor temperatures down – important in a country like Chad, where temperatures can reach 50ºC (122ºF).“I am really motivated to go to school, because I like learning, and I would like to do well so I can help my parents,” he says. and helps his brothers and sisters get ready for school.They all attend Quinze Ans school of Moundou, where UNICEF, with the support of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and Educate a Child (EAC), has built 12 classrooms equipped with new desks."The nurses said he was incredible," Mark's wife, Amy, said. Three times, he was able to rally to communicate to his boys how much he loved them before he lost them.

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