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Writing programs to access the repository is similar to writing programs that use other filesystem APIs.

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The repository just stores a versioned directory tree — you may consider certain sub-trees to be projects, but Subversion doesn't treat them differently from any other sub-tree.

Thus, the interpretation of what constitutes a project in the repository is left entirely up to the users.

The Subversion development community cares deeply about its stability and robustness.

Subversion has been in development since 2000, and became self-hosting after one year.

本文持续整理 在myeclipse下使用版本控制工具svn时的各种问题以及解决方案 Error validating location: “org.tigris.subversion.javahl.

For historical reasons, I have a 1and1 shared host account with a few sites hosted there.(Other than changing Copyright dates, the code has not been changed in a couple of years. I like to avoid unnecessary expenses, so paying for a Slicehost without a clear money-making purpose is to be avoided. I went to found the source release area link and got the tarball HTTP links for the two tarballs I needed.The problem is I’d like a Trac and Subversion setup for my personal stuff. We’ll create a directory called dev in our home directory and build Subversion there.Remember to take in account other applications running on the same server; for example, repository browsers use resources too, independently of Subversion itself. It comes with a command-line client that uses them.In general, you can expect to need much less server memory than you would for comparable CVS repositories. There are two different Subversion server processes: either svnserve, which is small standalone program similar to cvs pserver, or Apache httpd-2.0 using a special mod_dav_svn module.All modern flavors of Unix, Win32, Be OS, OS/2, Mac OS X.

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