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He rounded a corner, and finally saw why: immigration inspection.“I kind of knew right away that it meant doom, you know?Finally, he seized on a last-ditch plan to escape service in South Korea: He joined the U. At least in the American army he would learn a skill that could lead to a career.

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Like all able-bodied Korean men, Chun would be obligated to serve two years in the military. * * * Just months earlier, Chun could never have imagined such a bizarre set of circumstances. S., he had a typically American childhood; first in Chicago, where he cheered for the Bears in the NFL, and then, after his parents’ divorce, Seattle. It might also make him feel like less of a disappointment in the eyes of his hardworking single mom.

“What else was there for a guy stuck in a dead-end job, slowly being crushed under the weight of credit card debt and school loans, but to run away to a foreign country to teach young, impressionable children? It was only when Chun went to apply for a visa open to ethnic Korean foreigners that he discovered he was a South Korean citizen.

At the entrance, oil barrels punctuated with rebar spikes stood guard along with yellow and black metal sawhorses. The tasks of military life — from cleaning the living quarters to shooting practice — were all directed and performed through a seemingly infinite number of strange words and confusing grammar constructions.

A day after arriving, the squad leader listed out chores for the fresh recruits to choose from. ” barked Squad Leader Lee, according to Chun’s memoir, Squad Leader Lee was the bane of all new recruits. Chun’s survival strategy would be to avoid standing out.

” There was nothing to do but return to Seoul and end his brief career as an American soldier.

Two days later, he would become a grunt all over again in a world he couldn’t hope to understand. You’ll make everyone look like Yankees.” In the strict hierarchy of the monocultural South Korean army, Chun was an oddity and an aberration.

Unbeknownst to him, Chun was a dual Korean citizen. It was as an American that Chun was drawn to the idea of teaching English for a year in South Korea.

More than two decades previously, a family member — who, he’s still not sure — added his name to the family register then used in South Korea to determine citizenship, incorrectly listing his place of birth as Seoul. Twelve short months would go a long way toward shrinking the gaping hole in his bank account.

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The young American, offspring of naturalized Korean immigrants, was barred from leaving South Korea.

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