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Alternatively, you can edit the file with a text editor.If you tried to change the channel by editing and there is no app.update.channel pref in about:config, or it has not changed, then the file needs fixing.This article describes how to configure and run Software Update and discusses problems that can occur during or after an update.

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Related bug reports include: Updates can be retrieved from a number of different update channels.

To check which channel you are on, look in about:config at app.update.channel.

[3] Other update problems can be fixed by downloading the latest version of Firefox, Thunderbird, or Sea Monkey and installing the new version "on top of" your current version [4] [5].

If the problem continues, you can manually reset the Software Update feature by closing your Mozilla application and deleting the "updates" folder and the two files "active-update.xml" and "updates.xml", which can be found in the folder where Mozilla stores temporary application data for your operating system.

The installer/zip/tar/dmg that you last used to install Firefox, Thunderbird, or Sea Monkey determines what update channel you start on.

It does this by installing the file "channel-prefs.js" into \defaults\pref.

The Software Update feature allows you to automatically update your Mozilla application and installed add-ons (extensions and themes, but not plugins).

Software Update is available in Firefox, Thunderbird, and Sea Monkey 2.

Please contract your network provider and seek help, has been reported to Mozilla in bug 653830 (under investigation at time of writing). If you see a Software Update Failed error with the message, One or more files could not be updated.

(or, in Firefox 3, The update could not be installed), try ending all instances of Firefox or Thunderbird (or reboot the computer) and then restart your Mozilla application, to see if that allows the update to complete.

The application will need to restart to apply the update, but you can choose to restart later by pressing the Later button.

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