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Well now that I've gotten that off my chest I feel much better.

The ranchers in North Park (where the ranches are located) say they haven't seen a winter like this since the 80's. Snowpack really doesn't mean much this time of year, we need it to be above normal on the first of April. Hopefully they have had enough wind to bare some of the ridges so the critters can get to the food below. if you think that might interest you give me a call.

The rifle seasons only saw a 2 percentage point drop in the success rates from 2014. We did well in the 1st rifle seasons and the Coyte did almost as well in the 2nd.

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On the Coyte I still get guys bitching about the cattle on the ranch during the archery season.

I guess they haven't figured it out yet that this is not a hunting ranch but a cattle ranch.

I talked to my contact on the ranch and he said the deer hunter are seeing a lot of hogs. 15th falls on a Sunday this year but I will be in the office taking reservations from new hunters.

He also said the aerial counts for hogs are about three times higher than last year. Something we tried last year was corning the roads, this would probably have worked if there had been more hogs. Prior to the 12th I'm going to be in OK and KS hunting quail and pheasants.

12-1-15 Yes I know I've been a little lax about posting on here, but I figured that most don't want to hear me bitching about Obama or that lying Hillary.

Those who hunt with us generally agree with me and those who don't agree don't hunt with us anyways.

Hunting hogs in Texas in 2016 was less that stellar.

After we left down there in 2015 they got a lot of rain, I mean a lot of rain.

The roads are in good shape and there is standing water in places.

There are cattle on the north end in pretty good numbers.

Hunting in 2015 really proved that the weather is everything when it comes to hunting.

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