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In general this Button click event will refresh all Update Panel Contents. That’s why any event outside the Update Panel can modify the all Update Panel contents. So now we know that how we can prevent update of Update Panel contents from outside events.

After downloading the zip file, extract the files and open it into the Visual Studio and make whatever changes in the connection string to your web.config file as per your server location.

Now run the application and select the file other than Excel which shows the following error as shown in the following: Now select the Excel file, which shows the following message after Suceessfully Uploaded: Now click on view files details.

I am using Template Field’s Item Template and Edit Item Template for providing read only and editing interface of the same column in the Grid View.

By Default, Grid View control displays Item Template which directly shows the Product Name and Unit Price columns but when user clicks Edit button Grid View automatically switches to Edit Item Template and display the control available inside Edit Item Template for user editing.

Now I will show you the C# code behind file of the above ASP.

NET page that will handle different Grid View events to provide complete editing functionality.

In the above tutorial I tried to give you one of the easiest solutions and I hope you can go explore Grid View control editing further after learning the basics from this tutorial.

When a beginner joins a company or if there is a final round of interviews, known as a machine round, then most of the time the team leader gives the Candidate the first assignment to create an application which allows the end user to upload only Excel files and display it in a grid view and download it.

When I joined a company the same task was given to me by my team leader; instead I was expecting him to give me the task of inserting, updating and deleting in a grid view.

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