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NET AJAX Control Toolkit now requires that your project is using . NET AJAX Control Toolkit v16.1: To install the ASP.

Note: if you use named Control Bundles (defined in the ~/Ajax Control Toolkit.config file), then adjust the script bundle virtual path as shown below: "~/Scripts/Ajax Control Toolkit/Bundle". In the v15.1 release, we have extensively reworked most of the code related to scripts, styles and images, and decided to leverage modern technologies available in the current .

The following namespaces have been renamed so please update your code accordingly: Change Ajax Control Toolkit.

NET AJAX Control Toolkit go to the Download page and get the new Installer (created by Dev Express). NET AJAX Control Toolkit assembly, then please ensure that all occurrences are updated (this includes references in web.config and @Register directives in the ASPX markup).

The Toolkit Script Manager has been removed in v15.1. It should be sufficient to change the tag name in the markup from : Toolkit Script Manager - asp: Script Manager. To reduce the number of dependencies, we have moved Html Sanitizer out to an external Nu Get package: Ajax Control Toolkit. Sanitizer For security concerns, we recommend that you always use Html Editor together with Html Sanitizer.

I'm posting this solution in response to the many, many people online struggling with the autocompleteextender (and I was one for a long time last night).

The huge majority of responses online are incomplete, and some just outright wrong.

The following solution will work from scratch with: Hey Matt, thanks for the tutorial, but for some reason it will not work for me...

I followed your steps several times but nothing ... I run VS 2013; 4.5.1 and installt Ajax Control Toolkit by Nuget...

The inclination then may be to skip the extender and play with jquery's autocomplete, but that introduces its own challenges.

I can tell a lot of people left their questions frustrated, without a solution.

Remove the following outdated elements from your project’s web.config file: The Ajax Control Toolkit. We have removed the Tool Script Manager due to various issues it caused. NET AJAX Control Toolkit required that Toolkit Script Manager was used on each page with extenders.

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