Trend scanmail not updating

So what options do we have for AV then in Exchange 2013?There are two options The first one might be an option for organizations who can live with the limited functionality.Starting from SMEX 11 you can’t install the product anymore on Exchange 2003.

If your product still uses the old format, you can determine if you are using the latest pattern file by looking at the middle 3 digits in the multi-digit format.

For example, pattern file 960 in the old format will be displayed as pattern file 2.160.00 in the new format.

Next you can choose are allowed to administrate trend scanmail, browse to the security group in active directory and select it, by default use Domain admins.

Then you can review the install settings, do so then click next to install the application.

Once done, it will underline your server then you can click next to continue.

Then you will get asked if you want to join the virus tracking program that trend runs, if you would then simply select yes or no. The following option asks what you would like to do with your SPAM, if you want your users to manage there own then select integrate with Outlook Junk Email, if you prefer to manage it centrally then select End User Quarantine.

I have a question regarding updating the trend micro office scan.

I have many laptops running the office scan client, all of which are configured how to run and update through a server. When people are connected in this network the update runs with no problems.

On the next screen you will get asked for the location of your exchange server, simply browse to in then click next to continue.

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