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All refusal to admit the existence of sin can neither be controverted nor challenged.The Bible declares sin’s existence and the human heart displays it.

The flat statement of the Almighty is that all men have fallen far short of God’s required standard.

It is the popular and common practice of men to create their own standards; however, God has established His standard of perfection for entry into Heaven, and all men have “missed the mark” as an archer’s arrow would fall to the ground because it fell short of its target.

He says that in the Hebrew there are at least eight basic words: “ra, bad (Genesis 38:7); rasha, wickedness (Exodus ); asham, guilt (Hosea ); chata, sin (Exodus ); avon, iniquity (I Samuel ); shagag, err (Isaiah 28:7); taah, wander away (Ezekiel ); pasha, rebel (I Kings ).

The usage of these words leads to certain conclusions about the doctrine of sin in the Old Testament.

Sin is not a myth, it is not a figment of the mind; sin is a fact. When one seeks the answer to this question in the many and varied definitions of men he is left somewhat confused.

There is a difference between the way God describes and explains sin, on the one hand, and the way, on the other hand, that men describe and explain sin.

In other words, sin was not simply missing the right mark, but hitting the wrong mark.

(3) Sin may take many forms, and the Israelite was aware of the particular form which his sin did take.” “The New Testament uses twelve basic words to describe sin.

Some men measure themselves on the basis of human intelligence, some by educational attainment, some by financial success, some by cultural environment, and others by religious performance.

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