Southern dating game

Somehow, bachelorette Cheryl Bradshaw sensed something was wrong.

As Minister of France in the 1780s, he traveled Europe and discovered new foods.

Many of his unique foods he brought back were: vanilla extract, olives and olive oil, pasta from Italy, waffles from Holland, and wines from France.

The Indians had beans, peas, squash, greens, onions, berries, nuts, and various kinds of fruit.

The land offered wild game, and the ocean had seafood.

But what Bradshaw — and the viewing audience — didn’t know was that Alcala was a serial killer who was in the midst of a rampage.

He had already murdered at least two women in Southern California.

The African slaves that cooked and served generations were the primary creators of southern cooking.

They transformed staples of pioneer culture into refined dishes and feasts that now epitomizes southern hospitality.

“I called the police and said my daughter’s missing,” Connelly tells the show.

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