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All these are re-incarnations, however, and apart from unavoidable exaggerations in popular fancy and tradition, they are † When did they live?How long ago lived the * An approach to the statues at Bamian — also a Buddha 200 feet high — is found near a Jain settlement in Southern India, and appears to be the only one that remains at present.

† Even Wilson admits that Rama and Ravana were personages founded on historical facts: — “The traditions of Southern India uniformly ascribing its civilization and the settlement of civilized Hindus (the Fifth Race) to the conquest of Lanka by Rama” ( two races, the Third and Fourth, and how long after did the various tribes of the Fifth begin their strife, the wars between Good and Evil?

We are assured by the Orientalists that chronology is both hopelessly mixed and absurdly exaggerated in the Puranas and other Hindu Scriptures.

They are as grand as they are mysterious; and one has but to examine the heads of the colossal statues, that have remained unbroken on that island, to recognise in them at a glance the features of the type and character attributed to the Fourth Race giants.

They seem of one cast though different in features — that of a , such as the Atlanteans (the Daityas and “Atalantians”) are represented to have in the esoteric Hindu books.

I am calling in diverse good people with heart and soul, and authentic meaningful long lasting quality friendships who and clear open fair communication.

They understand mutuality, focused, positive goals in their life, drama free, healthy balanced life style, positive, harmony, mutual harmony, loving, playful, fun-loving, silly, loyal, thoughtful, supportive, nurturing, empowering, and respectful.Of course we do not allude to the caves which are known to every European, whether or through hearsay, notwithstanding their enormous antiquity, though that is so disputed by modern archaeology. The final conclusion of the author, who personally visited all the islands of Polynesia, and devoted years to the study of the religion, language, and traditions of nearly all the peoples, is as follows: “The three summits of this continent, the Sandwich Islands, New Zealand, Easter Island, are distant from each other from fifteen to eighteen hundred leagues, and the groups of intermediate islands, Viti, Samoa, Tonga, Foutouna, Ouvea, the Marquesas, Tahiti, Poumoutou, the Gambiers, are themselves distant from these extreme points from seven or eight hundred to one thousand leagues.But it is a fact, known to the Initiated Brahmins of India and especially to Yogis, that there is not a cave-temple in the country but has its subterranean passages running in every direction, and that those underground caves and endless corridors have in their turn “The great lost continent might have, perhaps, been situated south of Asia, extending from India to Tasmania? and every man.’ All except Xisuthrus and Noah, who are substantially identical with the great Father of the Thlinkithians in the “If we believe the tradition at all, we have to credit the further story that, from the intermarrying of the progeny of the hierophants of the island and the descendants of the Atlantean Noah, sprang up a mixed race of righteous and wicked. “All navigators agree in saying that the extreme and the central groups could never have communicated in view of their actual geographical position, and with the insufficient means they had at hand. without a compass, and travel months without provisions.‡ It is so divided to this day, and theosophists and Occultists, who have learned something of the Occult but undeniable power of Dugpaship at their own expense, know this but too well. ’ for sole response, Geographically, this description clashes slightly with the facts in the Secret Records; but it shows the existence of such traditions, and this is all one cares for.“In consequence of this, war was declared, the story of which would be too long to narrate; its substance may be found in the disfigured allegories of the race of Cain, the giants, and that of Noah and his righteous family. For, as there is no smoke without fire, so a tradition must be based on some approximate truth.I'm a cocktail waitress and in finishing my season year with a Communications degree! I love the beach and I've grown to enjoy camping lol. I love baseball and I've I break a nail, I may have a panic attack. I integrate my life in the work of transformation, healing, and energy growth to deepen and grow and expand as authentic human being in my soul, mind, heart, emotion, and body from inside out.

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