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The increase was largely due to bigger investments in added-value mobile services by telecom carriers.In addition, the enthusiasm of third-party providers helped to develop attractive applications, which increased people's willingness to pay for the services.

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The big surprise is that Google has not managed to stem the tide in any significant way.

Six Ways Brands Can Achieve Mobile ROI (i Media Connection) Mobile usage is growing at a fast pace.

Mobile gaming is still one of the hottest sectors in the mobile Web industry.

The number of mobile gaming players in China will be 178 million this year, with a market volume of more than 18 billion yuan (~$2.8 billion).

A new study from cross-channel marketing specialist Cross View shows that 56% of retailers have shopping apps, up from just 12% in 2011.

Some other fun facts: The study also highlighted continuing weak points for retailers.

The company analyzed six million mobile advertising clicks on 10 of the biggest mobile advertising networks.

Conclusion: Advertisers are wasting a lot of money on mobile ads.

Checking one's voice mail seems to be considered an even a bigger chore, falling 14%. Collectively RIM, Microsoft and Nokia now control less than 15% of the total smartphone market.

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