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", an alternate version of "Jericho" and a remix of "Party Up" along with "Supergirl".

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In more than a quarter of the cases, the NCAC said, the complaints were filed by parents who were despairing of their adult sons or daughters finding a partner and had registered on their behalf without informing their children.

Matchmaking has long been an accepted part of Japanese society but an ageing society, fewer children being born and stagnant wages have combined to sharply curtail the number of eligible singles.

"Supergirl" was released in February 2006 exclusively to the i Tunes Store as the album's third single and "Fly", originally released as the lead single from Hilary Duff, was released throughout Europe as the fourth and final single from Most Wanted.

Duff embarked on the worldwide Still Most Wanted Tour in support of the album; the tour ran from July 2005 through September 2006. It was really fun being in the studio with them."" ...

Women are having to lower their ambitions for a man who meets the requirement of the “three highs” – a high level of education, a high salary and physical height – in potential husbands, while there are an alarming number of men who work in poorly paid jobs and have essentially given up hope of ever being able to afford a wife and family.

Growing numbers of ageing parents are therefore taking their children’s love lives into their own hands, sometimes with disastrous consequences.

Stephen Thomas Erlewine of All Music gave a mixed review of Most Wanted, stating that "hardcore fans will be hard-pressed for a reason to add this to their collection" and that the new songs—"Wake Up", "Beat of My Heart" and "Break My Heart"—"sound a bit like leftovers".

Although he wrote that Most Wanted "isn't a terrible album by any means, it's not particularly a good one, since Duff's two pop albums [Metamorphosis (2003) and Hilary Duff (2004)] have distinctive personalities that don't necessarily mesh together [...], and are both more fun than this." Anthony Miccio, from the Baltimore City Paper, wrote that the album "doesn't signify the closure of a brief career" but is "meant to satisfy an audience that won't be offended by the opportunity to buy their favorite songs again and again." Talia Kraines of BBC Music commented that " ...

Nearly 2,000 complaints were filed against matchmaking companies in Japan in 2016, with the nation’s consumer rights watchdog sufficiently alarmed at rising reports of sharp practices in the sector to issue an alert.

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