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The game development was once paused for over four years due to Sim Man's personal issues.The full version was finally completed and published as a new submission to in April 2012.

The player will be able to start random fights, destroy objects, sell substances and engage in protection racketeering.

Though, if you get caught by teachers or security, you will face punishment.

SIMGIRLS is the World's most played DATING SIM game of all time.

It is made by an independent game artist called Sim Man as a free game with no commercial purpose. It took the original concept, some proven and popular elements of the old game, and rebuild a new modern game from scratch.

You will also be able to dominate other gangs and absorb them to become the famed BIG BOSS of Rosebery. As a tribute to the manga series DNA2 written by Masakazu Katsura from Japan, the first beta version was launched in February 2002 on as Sim Girl.

It was later renamed to Simgirls when more playable female characters were added.

Players will be given the option to join existing gangs or create their own gang by recruiting members.

​ The game will support epic fights with many characters at a time.

Performing these activities will improve character stats, such as physical fitness, appearance, intelligence and more.

But if you play them with your date, stats will be gained for both characters and improve your relationship points as well.

New collectible item - Nanotech Spy Cam with unique feature. A complete Sana's storyline with new scene at each relationship stage (5 new scenes in total). A new part-time job at the Ocean's restaurant. Two new scenes for Karin - One scene is featuring Karin and... The mouse pointer has also been changed to a stylus.

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