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Subtle subchondral degenerative changes (red arrowhead) are located on the corresponding femoral side of the joint.

Figure 4: The anterosuperior portion of the right acetabular labrum exhibits a complete tear (blue arrowhead), with a tiny associated paralabral cyst (green arrowhead).

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Feel free to click on them, just keep in mind that you will be redirected to another site.However, once there is advanced osteoarthritis, noting the underlying FAI biomechanics is probably a moot point, since correcting them has not been shown to reverse or slow disease progression.Patients with FAI typically present with deep intermittent groin discomfort during or after activities involving repetitive or persistent hip flexion.Most cases of FAI are a combination of both cam and pincer-type mechanisms, with cam-type usually predominating.Whether you know it or not, odds are you've encountered one.Most commonly, an aspherical femoral head or a bump at the femoral head-neck junction creates cam-type FAI.

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