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The texture of the ware was coarse to moderately coarse.

The ware was characterized by a buff-colored fabric and a clear, glossy glaze.

The statement "This Root Beer was first offered to the public of Boston more than 60 years ago" is highly questionable, even if he did create it in 1845, because the 1900 Census states that he immigrated to the United States in 1860. Additional research has shown that he changed his middle name to "Washington" and concocted the legend that he was born on the 99th anniversary of George Washington's birthday.

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The upper part of the vessel was dipped in iron oxide glaze, producing a caramel color.

[Southern Methodist University Archaeology Laboratory, Ceramics Database] Bristol-style bottles were widely used until the late 1870's.

Made from the juices of such beneficial berries, barks, roots and herbs as Checkerberry, Sweet Birch, Sassafras, Sarsaparilla, Spikenard, Juniper, Wintergreen, Ginger and Hops. Amelia Maria Swett born 1836 married Edgar Mc Alister 4.

Beer made from this extract is in every respect the most refreshing and beneficial drink of its kind manufactured. Stephen Rural Cemetery, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada. Sullivan Clarke Swett born 26 April 1831 married Margaret Frances Haycock 2. Velona Amanda Swett born February 1839 died 23 July 1840 5.

But you didn't have to collect the ingredients, and buying the ingredients in one package was cheaper than buying all the ingredients separately. [Eileen Bennett, article in The Press of Atlantic City, New Jersey, 28 June 1998] 1880. Swett, wholesale druggist, and his wife Ella, living with her parents, Lemon and Elizabeth Harding. This tin tray is 4 inches in diameter, just large enough to carry one mug of root beer and receive a tip for the waitress.

The pre-mixed ingredients were primarily sold to housewives, but were also marketed to druggists and soda fountains. [Photo by Morphy Auctions, from the collection of Bob Averill] This Dr.Its medicinal properties render it exceedingly valuable in any disorder of the Stomach, Liver and Kidneys, a free use of it keeping those important organs in a healthy condition. Emma Amanda Swett born August 1841 married (1) Seitchfield, (2) Waldron 6. This Root Beer was first offered to the public of Boston more than 60 years ago; each year adds to its popularity and reputation for being the purest and most healthful of all temperance drinks. Lucinda Augusta Swett born 1844 married James Reed Kimball 20 October 1866 7. Swett's Root Beer was sold in earthenware bottles with bottle caps. Swett, physician, widower, born October 1834 in Canada, age 65, living in the home of his widowed sister Emma A. [The Museum of Beverage Containers and Advertising, Soda Bottle History] 1906. Swett was 72 years old at that time and had sold patent medicines since 1860, so some response from him to the passage of these laws might be expected. Because company advertising said it was established in 1845, the statement "Over fifty years on the market" indicates that these bottles with bottle caps should be dated after 1895. Congress passed the first Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906, including provisions that were intended to stop the fraudulent advertising of patent medicines and require open disclosure of their ingredients, because so many patent medicines included drugs such as opium, cocaine, and arsenic. The following four-page brochure can be dated about 1906 because it includes the statement: "This [Root Beer] will stand the test of all the pure food laws in existence." This is the earliest example I have seen of the motto "From Childhood to Old Age" and the logo of a shadowy old man in the background drinking from a glass, with a young boy in the foreground holding a glass and looking at you. The business directory includes a large ad for the New England Botanic Depot at the same address. I have omitted the testimonials by satisfied customers and endorsements by physicians. They do not act as a purgative or emetic, will not debilitate, and are so simple an infant may devour a whole box without harm, and will at the same time expel the worms in an extraordinary manner. All cases of debility peculiar to females will find a sovereign remedy in this compound. SWETT'S "ROOT BEER" Packages contain Sarsaparilla, Life of Man, Wintergreen, Juniper, &c. It acts mildly and beneficially on the Stomach, Liver, and Kidneys. The business dates its inception from 1836 and controls a trade which, already large, is constantly increasing. Special attention is given to the selection of medicinal roots, herbs, barks, leaves and flowers, and physicians' prescriptions are accurately compounded of the best materials. Swett and Mitchell are both active business men and their success is but the outgrowth of untiring energy, perseverance and strict integrity. Exchange and commercial review, embracing also historical and descriptive sketch of the city, its leading merchants and manufacturers. Use of the word "temperance" dates this trading card no earlier than 1873 and no later than 1919.

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