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At the same time that Eugenia was withdrawing her affections, gentlemanly William partnered with his poor but talented artist/writer , a governess to the younger Alabaster children.

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Silvano moved his hand tantalizingly over willing Carmen's naked chest, especially over her too-perfect breasts - without physically touching her and then inexplicably left her apartment (with her lying in only her panties and physically untarnished on the bed) without following through on their mutual attraction.

In the second episode, "The Girl, the Crime..." the director met a shapely seaside Portofino shop clerk credited as The Girl (Sophie Marceau), stalked her through narrow alleyways, and then made love to her in his hotel room as the murderess (although acquitted) admitted that she stabbed her father to death 12 times.

To earn money at 200 francs/page, she took an assignment from her publishing agent to write pornographic stories (erotically unfolding on screen) for a wealthy benefactor (predictably mysterious) who wished to remain anonymous, thereby justifying her numerous sexual encounters in hedonistic Paris: she watched as big-busted red-headed hooker Bijou (Markéta Hrubesová) was ravished by a bald, black man.

She attended an opium den where there was a naked lesbian orgy, and watched as a blind-folded man had sex with a veiled exhibitionist (Eva Duchkova).

Then the two reconnected three years later after they ran into each other at the cinema.

They had a non-touching 'perfect' and unconsummated sexual encounter.

It was rated NC-17 for theatrical release, but then modified for an R-rated video release.

The film was loosely adapted from Anais Nin's post-humously published erotic novel, about an American writer of erotic novels abroad in 1940s Paris named Elena Martin (Audie England) who thoroughly researched her subject matter by exploring her sexuality, while narrating in monotonous voice-over.

It occurred when actor Douglas Henshall left the bed of a woman and pulled on his pants with his penis remaining semi-stiff.

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