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Quadraphonic sound (4.0 surround sound) uses four audio channels with the sound played back through four speakers often positioned at the corners of the room in which one is listening.

The first vinyl records designed to play at 33 1/3 rpm were introduced by RCA Victor in 1931, but were discontinued due to quality problems.

The initial lineup was Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson (brothers), Mike Love (a cousin) and Al Jardine (a family friend).

Stereophonic sound is reproduced using two audio channels, with the sound from each channel played out of two different speakers.

The pair of stereo speakers are usually positioned apart from each other so that sound appears to come from between the two.

The coin originated in Spain where the word “peso” means “weight”.

The original peso was what we know in English as a “piece of eight”, a silver coin of a specific weight that had a nominal value of eight “reales”. “Dizzy Red Riding Hood” (1931) cartoon star BOOP Betty Boop made her first appearance on the screen in 1930, in a cartoon called “Dizzy Dishes”.

Each is clued with reference to an alternative meaning of the adjective included in the name of the dish: 5.

South-of-the-border currency PESO The coin called a “peso” is used in many Spanish-speaking countries around the world. Tulsa started out as a settlement established by the Loachapoka and Creek Native American tribes in 1836. These early settlers called their new home “Tallasi” meaning “old town”, and this name morphed into “Tulsa” that we use today. In the mid-1600’s “to jape” was a slang term meaning “to have sex with”. The city is named for the Des Plaines river that runs through the suburb. Cyclotron bits IONS A cyclotron accelerates charged particles (ions) using a magnetic field, usually directing the particles round and round a huge underground circular structure. Stroke made vertically MASSE In billiards, a massé shot is one in which the cue ball makes an extreme curve due to the player imparting heavy spin on the ball with his or her cue held relatively vertically. Points for Poseidon TINES Those would be the three tines (points) on Poseidon’s trident. Poseidon was the god of the sea in Greek mythology as well as the “Earth-Shaker”, the god responsible for earthquakes. Word on an LP STEREO Monophonic sound (“mono”) is sound reproduced using just one audio channel, which is usually played out of just one speaker. The list of Old Etonians also includes Princes William and Harry, the Duke of Wellington, George Orwell, and the creator of James Bond, Ian Fleming (as well as 007 himself as described in the Fleming novels). Far from wimpy MACHO A man described as “macho” shows pride in his masculinity. Our term “wimp”, describing a “timid person”, probably is an alteration of “whimper”, the sound that such an individual may make. Colombian city of two million CALI In terms of population, Cali is the third largest city in Colombia (after Bogotá and Medellin).

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