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This paper is written principally for those victims.

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Only governments can train in secrecy the cadre of handlers who administer the electronic assault and mind control activities, using deception and psychology.

Even mega corporations and businesses would not be able to carry out electronic assault and mind control in secrecy unless they did so under cover of government work and with government protection. Government in South America when the 1973 Arab-Israeli War broke out.

The targeted person often never discovers that he has become a mind control victim, and he ends up hurting others, taking his own life, or simply becoming another “Alzheimer” statistic.

This paper discusses some of the elements of what I call Electronic Stalking and Mind Control (ESMC).

After retirement, in the 1990's, I went to an American dentist with problems with the same molar on which the South American dentist had supposedly performed the root canal.

The local dentist found in the tooth a tiny cylindrical pin-like object. However, now in retrospect, that little object had to be a tiny "bug." The South American dentist also wanted to place a filling in-between my two front teeth, claiming that there was decay between the teeth.

It dissipated during the night, and the following day I felt normal.

In retrospect, I believe that either my mind may have already been “hooked” and unknown persons manipulating my mind or I was being targeted by some remote-operated electromagnetic force.

He obviously intended to implant an incredibly tiny camera in that location.

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