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The walls were painted cheerful cartoon colors, and on them were displayed framed animation cels commemorating the show’s most cherished, and often most provocative, moments. Those who love it regard the show’s consistently offensive story lines as a boisterous crusade for free speech. A few executives quietly pressed his two assistants, who offered conflicting explanations (“He left his house forty minutes ago”; “He’s not feeling well”).

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That’s what they do in normal places, but Hollywood’s not normal.” Check out the full interview with Seth Mac Farlane in this weekend’s issue of PARADE.

Mac Farlane, the creator of the television show “Family Guy” and of two other animated series, was excited about making his first movie for several reasons. He was looking forward to being able to shoot scenes from a number of different angles, instead of sending a set of hard-to-change drawings and instructions to a group of animators in Korea.

During filming, Mac Farlane stood on set and performed the role of Ted, so that Wahlberg could connect with him better.

“I wanted Ted to have the same emotional impact as the rest of the characters,” he said.

“I think at some point that’ll happen.” Though he typically keeps a low profile, Mac Farlane discusses dating.

“I’m wide open to getting married, but actors are not easy people to date.I tend to be very hard on myself and insecure about failing no matter what happens.”Rules at the Mac Farlanes’ home were loose: Cursing was okay. “There wasn’t this puritanical fear of certain areas of humor or behavior,” says Mac Farlane, who defines himself now as superliberal and religion-averse.The laid-back approach worked for Mac Farlane, who says, “I’m one of the few people in Hollywood who actually had a good childhood.” At this point Mac Farlane thinks the end of Family Guy might be near.I’ve never heard of a TV show that after nine seasons goes into its best years.It would be arrogant to assume that we’ll be the first.” Mac Farlane on the rumor of a movie version of Family Guy.“How much more is there to find out about these characters?

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