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If people believe sport is a force for good then that regime must be made fit for purpose for the long term.

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We have made some tough choices over the last 12 months, relinquishing TV rights to Formula 1 and moving to highlights coverage of the Open Golf. Some people have long predicted the demise of sport on the BBC - they will continue to be proved wrong.

The BBC remains by far the most popular broadcaster of sport in the UK and plays a vital role in the industry.

I did wear the Ebel a lot, however, at the time, one watches was enough for me.

Probably because of the high prices I actually never considered buying another watch.

That’s why we think that Krajicek is the perfect brand ambassador for IWC.

His own foundation and the Laureus Sports for Good foundation that IWC supports, show quite some resemblance. I had been a professional player for a few years, and as member of the Dutch Davis Cup team, we all got a luxury watch from Ebel.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

I think we don’t have to explain the concept of brand ambassadors and that most high-end watch brands have a “few” celebrities that can be considered “Friend of the Brand”.

Tens of millions of people across the UK have followed the BBC’s coverage of both tournaments.

We have experienced moments of sporting brilliance, high drama and complete surprise.

I told my parents right then, that I wanted to compete at the Olympics.

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