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The historical and archeological records tell us the Vikings settled many parts of the world, and some of these settlements have been reinforced with modern genetic evidence as well.

When it comes to the Vikings, it turns out they did not simply show up, pillage, rape, and leave, but instead colonized favorable areas, in some cases leaving behind a genetic lineage. Update 7/31/17: It must be noted that the idea of any one person having “Viking blood”, although an intriguing thought, is extremely difficult to prove for certain (read 3 often ignored truths about the study of Vikings).

Below is a list of modern countries and how likely you are to be a Viking descendant if you are from one of them.

The city of York was once the Norse city of Jorvik, and the Vikings at one time had carved out half of Britain for themselves in a territory called Danelaw.

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It’s no secret that the Vikings were prolific (and terrific) progenitors.

They traveled far in search of riches, and often those they encountered were of interest to them in more ways than one.

Genetic studies themselves are up for debate as well.

For example, a recent 2015 genetic study in England found “no clear genetic evidence” of the Danish Viking occupation.

A heated debate continues today over the findings of this study, which fly in the face of historic and archeological evidence.

All this to say, the following probabilities of having Viking blood offered are not scientific or necessarily accurate, particularly as the scholarship on the subject evolves.

In 847, the Irish scored several key victories across the island which effectively expelled most of the Norse settlers from their lands, but fewer than two decades later they returned.

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