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Hailey Clark: Amber describes Hailey - an elementary school art teacher by day, expressionist painter by night - as "absolutely adorable".

She thinks Hailey's silliness will connect with Tim's goofy side - and that they will be able to connect on a creative level.

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Are you looking for: an activity partner, casual/practice dating experience (getting back into dating), a sexual relationship with no strings attached, or a companion for a deep, close, loving relationship? Be clear about what you are wanting and/or the type of dating you are actually doing out there!

You may WANT a relationship, but are you READY for it?

AND…If you know what type of dating you are doing, are you making that clear to your dates?

Are you the two of you starting off on the same page? Let’s kick some butt and get ourselves ready for ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced Training’ so that we can get on Active Duty’ out there in the dating world and master that man/woman dynamic, ultimately creating an amazingly beautiful relationship that your friends and family will envy! You and your commanding presence will get you noticed in more ways than one!

Meet Tracy's Women Tracy is a widely-read relationship author, though her book's title () gives me a little bit of rage - especially when she says: "Oftentimes women come to me and say, 'How come I'm not married?

' and I think to myself, 'You're a bitch, you're shallow, you're selfish'." Way to support the sisterhood!

Anyway, she wants to bring "two souls together" with her matchmaking, so let's see if it's going to work for Tim.

Sarah Moore: Elementary school teacher thinks that she's a "great catch", but it is hard seeing her other friends all getting married around her.

The concept of the show is pretty complex - three bachelors (Plain White T's star Tim Lopez, philanthropist Ernesto Arguello and businessman Ben Patton) will go on a quest for romance.

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