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Quiver is just the first step on our way to bringing people back into the picture, and we’re thrilled to tell the world about it today.” Each matchmaker receives a certain number of “arrows” to make a match — if the majority of matchmakers agree that a couple should be matched, then each matchmaker gains more arrows and the pair automatically connects.

Simon is the former editor of Global Dating Insights.

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Many of the users of Ok Cupid are refugees from the other paid or free sites.

Ok Cupid tends to attract a more creative crowd, in general, somewhat more artsy, but being a free site, also attracts its share of numbskulls snapping shirtless selfies or pursed lipped and pierced self-ettes.

The $2 billion online dating industry promises the possibility of a priceless product: romantic love.

Associate Professor Mikolaj Piskorski investigates whether these sites are helping the lonely—or just making life easier for young singles who are popular already.

There are foodies, college students, gangsta-wannabies, and of course, there are the typical work-a-day schlubs like you and me, simply hoping for a somewhat normal, not-scary date.

There really doesn't appear to be an average user age (maybe early 30's) but like all sites, the older you are, the smaller your pool gets.

Key concepts include: Over the past decade, socially-focused websites have attracted hundreds of millions of users and changed the social fabric in fundamental ways.

The likes of e Harmony and enable us meet new people.

((Dare we mention that the founders of The Dating Gurus met on Ok Cupid?

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