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The lawsuit accuses Saoud of battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment and breach of contract, and seeks punitive damages to be determined at trial.

Male celebrities dating younger women is nothing new—it’s a tale as old as Hollywood—but did you know that a surprising number of stars have seriously dated or married older women?

In one instance detailed in the lawsuit, the Qatari prince allegedly arrived outside Mc Kenna's residence and began banging on her door.

When she did not answer, the married man allegedly sent her 'countless threatening text messages.'On another occasion, the prince allegedly texted Mc Kenna, who had a boyfriend, a photo of his erect penis.

The lawsuit claims that when on January 14, 2016, Mc Kenna returned from a shopping trip at around 3.30pm, she entered her room to find Saoud Al Thani 'completely naked, lying on her bed.’Mc Kenna allegedly asked her married boss to put his clothes back on and leave, but Al Thani 'refused and forced himself onto Mc Kenna, raping her,' the court filing reads.

Mc Kenna told her mother about the alleged rape but did not go to the local authorities because 'Doha is the capital city ruled by the Al Thani royal Family and her passport had already been confiscated from her.'The complaint goes on to say that the plaintiff 'did not feel safe reporting the incident to anyone in Doha,' and for the remainder of her stay there she allegedly ‘feared for her safety.'When Mc Kenna returned to the US later that month, Saoud allegedly continued harassing the au pare by stalking and texting her, ordering his wife to first fire, then rehire her, 'as a means of control,' according to the suit.

She only emerged after a fire warden, who entered the room because of smoke coming from Mc Kenna's fireplace, removed Saoud from the premises.

The lawsuit also accuses Hessa Al Thani of denying Mc Kenna’s request to seek medical attention for a spinal injury for two months, which eventually required surgery.

Mc Kenna's complain says that despite having little contact with Saoud Al Thani in the first months of her employment, in January 2014 he sent her a text message that consisted of a kissing emoji.

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