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See your baby’s face, cute button nose, fingers and tiny toes in glorious 3D and HD, whilst you watch your baby move in real-time; drinking, blowing bubbles and wriggling around.Whilst you're at Your Baby Scan for your scan, you won't find our staff pressuring you into buying any extras, and we think that everything that you would expect to get from your scan is already included as standard including access to all of you images, your scan in HD and some prints to take home. You will only be asked if you would like a DVD or a keepsake bear before your scan as we need to record these during your scan, and this is discreetly kept to a checkbox on your consent form., and you can find us in Cavendish House on the AECC University College campus, in Bournemouth, Dorset.

An opportunity to see baby’s organs, limbs and bones developing in the early stages of pregnancy in 2D, in advance of your standard NHS scan.

Scan to determine the gender of your baby before it is born allowing you to plan the decor of your baby’s nursery, and buy gender specific baby clothes ahead of their arrival.

We offer a number of different types of scan, but these are largely based on when you are in your pregnancy rather than what you want to include in your scan package.

Whilst we have an extensive range of extras available, and they're very reasonably priced, you are under no obligation to buy any of these, and you won't find our staff pushing you to buy anything extra. Scan early in pregnancy to measure baby and provide a more accurateestimated due date.

Your standard NHS scan will not always confirm the gender of your baby.

An opportunity to meet your baby before they’re born.Our healthcare professionals and visiting specialists will make you feel right at home in our ultrasound clinic.We’re not only a clinic with advanced ultrasound technology to offer, but a centre of excellence in education and training, too.We understand that every pregnancy is very special and exciting, whether it's your first or your fourth.Those 9 months waiting to see your baby can feel so long whilst you're not feeling your best, and you're regularly feeling your little bundle moving around inside your tummy reminding you every minute that they're on their way.Our 4D Bonding experience offers you the chance to meet your baby before it's born, and unlike your NHS appointment, your children, family and friends are welcome to share your experience.

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