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As Green Man Gaming announced its launch for the Xbox One tracking beta for Playfire this month, it is expected to increase its stronghold further in social networks.

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Playfire hit the one million user mark in February 2012 and the range of unique site page visitors each month are reportedly in the fifty to two hundred fifty thousand range!

At the moment Playfire displays very impressive website traffic statistics.

A merge was also announced with Green Man Gaming on July 9, 2012, but Playfire remains independent despite the merger. When analyzing what sets Playfire apart it is necessary to consider the other forerunners in gaming social networks such as Raptr and gamer DNA which also boast of their own high quality features.

What sets Playfire apart is that they can effectively provide real time game play to their users.

That’s when the idea of Playfire came about as gamers are more likely to socialize with other players if given the proper platform.

A public beta then followed in June 2008 and as the first website to release a Play Station gamecard, it did not take long for a huge number of gamers to sign up for the service.

Playfire is popular In March 2011, Playfire introduced several features such as the automatic tracking of games from Play Station 3, Xbox 360 and PC gameplay.

Through an API partnership in September 2011, a Playfire user’s profile can be brought to Game Spot.

Visit and enjoy Playfire today at https:// How Cool is Playfire?

You’ve probably heard about it already as Playfire is creating a strong buzz in the gaming community due to its robust features and seamless functionalities.

According to Alexa their global rank is 40,364 and their USA rank stands at 38,782!

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