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The elders also chided me constantly whenever they laid hands on me but my poor vision never improved.

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Pentacostal dating

That aside, the best way for a believer to school their children is home schooling, IMO.

30 seems unbelievable, in the light of what Scripture says about the flesh and about disciplining children.

What I found reading over your blog, was an interesting mix of what I consider to be truth and error, which made me wonder if the person writing the blog had left that denomination for the same reason I did..Fundamental, Independent Baptists are a *denomination* rather than a church of God's true saints, who mix large amounts of truth with smaller amounts of error, AND hold to those errors tenaciously..when presented with the truths of Scripture.

I can see that you and I do not agree, especially on the English translation issue ( which really has nothing to do with whether or not the KJV is an "inspired translation", but has everything to do with faithfulness and accuracy when compared to the Majority Text, the Received Text and the Critical Text ) and I suspect that there are other things we will not agree on as well.

29 is interesting, because state accreditation actually does limit what can and cannot be taught.

I've seen many testimonies of what schools were limited to, once they sought state funding and / or accreditation.I also learned a technique for ridding myself of emotional baggage.Please visit learn more about this testimony of the Father's love. My upstairs neighbor is an extremely preechy and intense fundamental baptist.I've recently published How I Was Razed: A Journey from Cultism to Christianity.In it, I show how the heavenly Father providentially guided me to the truth about his character.His wife is very submissive to him as he rules the home, dumps garbage all over the lawn as he has decided scrap metal is a good money maker.

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