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A unique advertising tool was the Moxie Horsemobile, a modified automobile whose driver sat on a large model of a horse. A 1935 Rolls-Royce Moxie Horsemobile was sold for ,000 at the May 20, 2011, Mecum Auction in Indianapolis, Indiana.Moxie at one time maintained about two dozen of them, and they appeared in parades and other public functions.

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But in 2010 the Moxie Man logo was removed from labels because it was thought to be too old-fashioned.

In 2011 the company's head of marketing, Ryan Savage, made the executive decision to bring the logo back in response to complaints from long-standing customers.

The technological advances between seasons are so huge by this point that with each new batch of episodes we not only get to see events in nature never before captured, we also get a supremely better look at familiar ones.

The latter is certainly true with the opening of episode one, ‘One Ocean’, which centres on bottlenose dolphins surfing waves “for the sheer joy of it”, and shows off their majesty with cinematography befitting of a feature film.

In its decision to step up efforts to distribute the product, Cornucopia cited increasing requests for Moxie from fans across the country.

In 2007 it launched pilot sales in Florida and in 2010 granted distribution in Florida to Florida Micro Beverage Distributors.Moxie is a brand of carbonated beverage that was among the first mass-produced soft drinks in the United States. It is produced by the Moxie Beverage Company of Bedford, New Hampshire, which, through several levels of wholly owned subsidiaries, is part of the Kirin Holdings Company of Tokyo, Japan.As a result of widespread brand advertising, the brand name has become the word "moxie" in the English language, meaning "courage, daring, or spirit".Through extensive advertising, the neologism "moxie" has entered popular American usage with the meaning "courage, daring, or spirit", as in "This guy's got moxie! " advertising jingles, the slogan "Just Make It Moxie for Mine", and a "Moxie Man" logo.The Moxie Man had appeared on Moxie labels since the beverage was first sold.The company also marketed a beverage called "Ted's Root Beer" in the early sixties. An alternative explanation for the company's decline in sales was that soda fountain operators (also called soda jerks) would give extra blasts of the syrup into the glass before adding the soda water. Pepper, this would not produce as delicious a refreshment.

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