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What was the thinking behind those distinct sections, and how important was it for you to find a range of toys for diverse experiences?

"Early on we struggled with this, to be honest, because we were like, "I think, early on, we decided that so long as we presented the products in a way that our female shoppers were allowed to make that decision for themselves, who are we to judge what someone might be interested in?

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Harvey Shapiro, 63, of Needham pleaded not guilty yesterday in Boston Municipal Court to a charge of solicitation of sexual conduct for a fee.

He was ordered to stay away from the Back Bay hotel that police used as the site of the sting, and ordered to stay off

We really try to bundle these products in a way so that they’re thematic and driven by a life event, whether that’s based on a thematic event like menopause, or you went through a breakup and you want to buy yourself something — there’s the Rebound Box.

So there are a lot of fun themes we focus on."I love that there are so many specific sections on the site for people based on what they need.

for colon cancer left her menopausal at the age of 21. "I drove out to the side of the highway — which was the only place that sold them at the time, being from St.

Louis — and the experience was awful," she tells Refinery29.

Everyone turns to the internet to google questions they’re too embarrassed to ask out loud, so we wanted a central source of truth that was backed by medically and factually accurate information.

"We wanted to be really pragmatic and allow people to find information and find the product that they need, to actually try it out and in a way that doesn’t make them feel embarrassed."What are some tips you would give to a someone shopping for sex toys?

It seems pretty ridiculous that almost a year after the Flash Crash, we still don’t even have an ironclad, data-driven sense of how much of the markets is high-frequency.

The numbers cited by the report come from the Tabb Group, a financial markets research firm. But it should be worrying that the SEC itself doesn’t seem to be capable of producing a number on its own.

"For those who are intimidated by shopping in-person, buying online is a great alternative where you can take time to peruse the items you're interested in, pick the one that's right for you, and get it discreetly shipped to your door.

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