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I woke up and looked down to see my german shepard, Duke, poking his nose down by my crotch. I saw I had a new message from John and I looked at it.

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A lot of older guys look at me in a way that makes me uncomfortable.

John told me not to feel weird but to feel complimented because it means they think I am good looking.

The intensity of my orgasm combined with my tiredness caused me to fall asleep right there on the floor in a puddle of my own cum.

The next morning I woke up to a warm wet sensation down by my vagina. I got back up on my chair and looked at my computer screen.

Okay Raquel I want you to first tell me what kind of panties are under your leggings and then take your leggings off.

I told him I wasn’t wearing any panties and I didn’t want to be naked.

As the night went on more of my friends started getting off and I was getting bored again so I decided to visit a chat room.

Seeing as I was home alone I decided to enter the home alone chat room…I would have never imagined what happened next.

One weekend I was home alone as the rest of my family was either away for work or at my older brother’s college family weekend.

I had to stay home because I had to work Friday night.

I continued and told him that I had a nice firm ass and my breasts, although pretty big, were still nice and perky and defied gravity. Again I thought it was harmless so I told him I was wearing black leggings and a black dressy miniskirt that went to about my mid-thigh.

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