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'The dating rules have changed in the last few years, if you're of a certain age you just don't know what the rules are anymore,' she told FEMAIL.In Ms Holloway's ideal world she would scrap online dating tools altogether, as she prefers face to face communication.'Everything's fast and furious online, it's a chaotic waste land.Dating-as-a-divorced-mother was an entirely new game, one whose rules -- despite my eagerness to learn them -- remained steadfastly mysterious.

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It turned out that he was merely "shopping around" while she was out of town.

Lesson number one: Ask more questions before accepting blind dates.

There are a lot of negotiables in a relationship but sexual attraction is not one of them.

Lesson number two: If there's no chemistry, do not pass go.

He lightened up as the meal progressed and we seemed to have fun, but when he walked me to my car, he said, "It was nice to meet you" in a way that told me he would not be calling again.

I chalked it up to my voracious appetite, which may have been a turn-off for a Hollywood director accustomed to whippet-thin actresses who rarely eat, but I found out later that he already had a girlfriend.

Then, just as the silence had stretched to the point of becoming awkward, he would reel himself back in from his mental escape hatch and say something witty.

He seemed to be toying with me, but since I was so out of practice, I couldn't be certain.

It would be a lie to say I didn't have any dating skills.

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