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Whether it’s something funny happening right now, a game that your friends don’t want to miss out on, a perfect sunset, or other must-see, wish-you-were-here moments, Bubble lets you bring your friends with you to experience life, in the moment, with you.

CELEBRITY DROP-INS:* Invite celebrities, musicians, athletes & more to drop-in to your private Bubble group via live video for a chance to have an up close and personal experience with your friends.

At Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy in Rhode Island, the teachers have the luxury of Slack, a corporate internal-communications app that touts itself as a better, friendlier version of email.

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The company has advised anyone running any of the named devices to buy a new one before the end of 2016.

But at the end of this year, Whats App will no longer work on the i Phone 3GS, Windows Phone 7 devices, and phones running Android 2.1 or Android 2.2.

One teacher says, "Man I wish we could hit them."Another replies: "Move to Arizona.

Though really no school districts allow, by state law you are allowed to.

PRIVATE GROUP VIDEO & LIVESTREAM FOR UP TO 10 PEOPLE* Bubble lets anyone in your group share what’s happening RIGHT NOW by going “live”.

“Live” allows you to stream whatever you’re capturing with your camera with the members of your group.

The school didn't respond to my request for comment.

It did, however, issue an open letter that said its own investigation had substantiated the allegations and that three teachers were no longer employed by Blackstone.

They'll drop-in on Bubble groups regularly so just make sure you're using Bubble for your group messaging and watch for notifications.

STAY ORGANIZED* Bubble allows you to ditch nasty group texts and email completely and handle all communication with the different groups in your life in one place.

Bubble is perfect for friends, family, sports teams, cheer squads, fantasy sports crews, school groups and clubs, work teams — or any other group currently being forced into text group chaos.

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