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She likes a challenge and Drake just doesn’t cut it.” At the end of last year, Rihanna was linked to Travis Scott, but after debuting their relationship at an event, it seemed to fade quite quickly, and shortly after it did, Rihanna and Drake were seen getting touchy feely during the 2016 Brit Awards in London, England.

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According to, relationship therapist, Black women are dating and marrying, White men, because they have difficulty meeting and connecting with Black men.

Therapist says many Black women, especially college-educated, professional Black women, believe there is a shortage of Black men on their income and educational levels.

Your in a restaurant and you see a beautiful black woman and handsome white man sitting at a table together holding hands. I wished it was me or they should be ashamed of themselves. In addition, many people assume a White man is with a Black woman because of her sexual abilities or that he thinks he owns her.

Can a interracial relationship with a black woman and white man work ? They assume that a White woman is with a Black man because of his sexual abilities, or that he is attracted to her because she represents " the untouchable" Both mind sets, reflect our history of being enslaved by whites.

"Black women marry, White men because they want to make a commitment," They want to find a man who they feel will love them.

They realize they have to look elsewhere if they want to start a family. It’s a matter of connection and interest the draws a couple together, the chemistry. As we interviewed interracial couples who had been married for long periods of time how they feel about there relationship …..

The vibes between Drake and Rihanna became impossible to ignore after the artists released the music video for “Work,” and a couple months after that video came out, Drake called Rihanna “the greatest woman I’ve ever known in my life.”For the longest time, people thought Drake and Rihanna were dating in secret.

Friends just do not grind on friends like Rihanna does to Drake here during her performance of their track, “Work.”Drake later denied on “The Ellen De Generes Show” that he and Rihanna were an item in spite of their totally casual grinding, calling their grinding “friendship at its finest.”But I mean, just this week Drake was saying extremely sweet stuff about Rihanna.

It is his face that inspires in me paroxysms of infatuated devotion.

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