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Since early 2006 My Space has offered the option to access the service in different regional versions, much like Google and other search engines.

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Bulletins can be useful for notifying an entire friends list, without resorting to messaging users individually.

Some users choose to use Bulletins as a service for delivering chain messages and surveys . My Space has a Groups feature which allows a group of users to share a common page and message board.

Videos, flash-based content, and almost anything else can be added, much like a standard HTML page.

Since many users of My Space do not know HTML, third-party code generating websites have appeared to help these users.

However, fields in these sections will not be displayed if members do not fill them in.

Profiles also contain a blog with standard fields for content, emotion, and media. One of the images can be chosen to be the "default image," the image that will be seen on the profile's main page, search page, and as the image that will appear to the side of the user's name on comments, messages, etc.

Users can choose a certain number of friends to be displayed on their profile in the "Top Friends" area.

The "Top Friends" used to be restricted to eight friends.

Profiles contain two standard "blurbs": "About Me" and "Who I'd Like to Meet" sections.

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