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But I was saying what I said based on his (Simon's) words that HE was the boxer.

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However, I will give a nod that MAYBE Simon was appealing to what he thought that hippies WANTED to hear and that he was speaking FOR them.

I don't know one way or the other on that and as I originally said, some of what I was saying was speculation based on facts.

On the same 'SNL' show the duo performed "My Little Town"; at the time it was at #81 and in its first week on the Top 100, and eight weeks later it peaked at #9 and stayed on the chart for 14 weeks.

All these people trying to explain what was meant by "the whores on 7th Avenue." I swear, nobody reads poetry any more. So much depends on the flow, the metre, you start here you end up you know not where.

My knowledge of S&G and comes primarily from research on the internet, the Bridge Over Troubled Water 40th Anniversary DVD, and a few people I knew in the recording industry who had a broader background and supposedly actually worked with some of the legends.

So I am not without a few certificates of knowledge and background.After getting out of the service I went back to playing music.I even played for REO Speed Wagon when they were first forming (they liked my R&B licks).To stop that TANGENT topic all together, I am refraining from discussing whether or not S&G thought they were hippies.My point was that 7th avenue in NYC is NOT an area where whores/hookers/prostitutes are/exist/etc. It doesn't follow any form of logic if you REALLY meant whores, because whores have always worked 42nd street.I played guitar for the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars during part of their tour in 1963, before "they sent me off to Vietnam on my senior trip".

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