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A major i Cloud syncing headache won't help the perception that cloud services in general, and Apple's in particular, are inherently untrustworthy.For businessmen, students, merchants, teachers, Doctors, etc.

Here are the detailed steps: Step 1: On your device, is necessary go to Settings and select Navigate to i Cloud and open your i Cloud account and the Contacts option should slide into green color Step 2: Now visit i Cloud on your Windows PC or Mac.

Launch it and log in using your Apple ID and in the main window, select Contacts.

Apparently the team responsible for Apple IDs is aware that users are frustrated, and is working on a way to combine accounts or associate multiple Apple IDs with a single device.

Apple was not able to respond to our request for more specific information on the Apple ID issue, but we suspect that coming up with a workable solution is a top priority.

You will use this ID in all the devices you want to sync your i Cloud contacts with.

Also, it is necessary to update your i OS device to the latest version to proceed.Syncing your i Cloud Contacts and Calendars from your Mac or i OS device to an Android device and back is a lot easier than you think with the right apps, and that’s exactly what I will show in this post.Apple appears to be working on a process to allow i Tunes users with more than one Apple ID to somehow "merge" them into a single account.But if you associate that i Cloud account with your device, you won't be able to access all the songs and other data you bought using a separate Apple ID.One developer currently testing the full i Cloud beta confirmed to Ars that juggling the two accounts causes issues with i Tunes syncing, and in some cases songs are disappearing from the library on his device.This duality could quickly become a puzzle if there were no tools to synchronize the updated data on your computer or your mobile device.

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