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It is a familiar bird of countryside and open scrub or grassland where it is found perched at the top of short thorn trees or other shrubs, looking out for insect prey.They pick up insects mainly from the ground, and were, like other chats, placed in the thrush family Turdidae, but are now considered as Old World flycatchers.

12 Noon An attractive colleague wanders into the workplace.

But it's his nervous system and not his hormones that kick into action.

They nest in cavities in stone walls or in holes in an embankment, lining the nest with grass and animal hair.

The males are black with white shoulder and vent patches whose extent varies among populations.

At their height -midway through her cycle -a woman's levels of testosterone will be 30 times higher than at the start.

8 AM As both sexes get ready for the day, levels of the stress hormone cortisol rise to help them wake up -and dampen the effect of sex hormones.

In one study by the University of Texas, women in long-distance relationships gave five saliva samples.

The tests were given two weeks before they saw their partners, the day before, before sex, the day after sex and three days after the pair were separated.

And why, late at night, when a woman is in the mood for love, is her man just lying there, snoring? Here's why our sex clocks don't always tick in time.

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