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NB: International observers agreed that LAP’s presidential candidate Jackson Doe won the 1985 elections. He was so kind to grant me permission to reproduce it here. Elwood Dunn is one of Liberia’s most distinguished historians and educators and a prolific author.

However, due to massive fraud and vote rigging his opponent, Samuel Doe (no relation) was declared the winner with 50.9% of the votes cast. Stephen Byron Tarr was interred in his home village of Zondo, Grand Bassa County on October 21. He is an Emeritus Professor of Political Science (University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee).

I was visiting his home when he informed the President Pro Tempore of the Senate of his health inability and thus his decline of the offer. But it is the Liberia dimension of his work that I seek to underscore, a dimension that absorbed the bulk of his time and talent. He was also a humanitarian who believed in giving back to sources that elevated him.

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Though this tragedy was the proximate cause for his withdrawal from government service and returning to the U. The new Job was Comptroller General of State-Owned Enterprises with mandate to improve the sector, including privatizing some of the state enterprises.

But Byron’s responsibilities extended beyond public corporations, as he soon became an informal advisor to President Tolbert on matters affecting the national economy.

As I pause to remember my friend, I extend heartfelt condolences to his family particularly his three surviving children – Stanley Byron Tarr, Seymour Bruce Tarr and Aimee Zeoweh Tarr. When the history of Steve’s effective though controversial stewardship of the Finance Ministry of the era is written, Bryon will perforce figure prominently.

Your dad loved Liberia with an uncommon passion and strove all his life to make it a better country. Remodeling the Maritime program, establishing systems for tax collection, chairing the committee that drafted Liberia’s first ever law toward strengthening the Auditor General’s Office, strides in government debt servicing, and creating an enabling environment for a vibrant Liberian entrepreneurial class were only some of the highlights of what transpired in the first half of the 1970s.

Tentatively titled “To Rouse Liberia, Long Forlorn: Overcoming Challenges to Economic Governance,” the study sought to replace the politics of reform with the reform of politics. Elwood Dunn’s tribute to Stephen Byron Tarr (1943 – 2017) was also published in The Perspective (October 24, 2017). It was perhaps this character trait that led him, following his fieldwork in Liberia, to so completely devote himself to the collection of massive Liberian documents and artifacts.

Byron and I collaborated on a wide range of issues related to our country, among them the Vision 2030 exercise and CERPS. We even co-authored a book, Liberia: A National Polity in Transition (Published 1988). It is even ironic that the controversy of his access to the Liberian archive in 1965 pales when compared to the holdings he has donated to Indiana University, holdings that any government in Liberia has access to in part of in whole. I consider the archives to be of monumental importance for it contains very simply a huge part of the story of the Liberian past, and that past remains critical to charting a future course.

Doe, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Nah Doe Patrick Bropleh.

He would soon pay a costly price for his political activities, for while he was serving as Secretary General of LAP he was arrested in 1985 by the military government of Samuel K.

Byron was recruited with others to help stabilize a major national crisis.

He remained engaged in the 1980s, serving briefly as Minister of Planning and Economic Affairs, a member of the National Constitution Commission that drafted what became the 1986 Constitution of Liberia, and among the founders of the Liberia Action Party/LAP along with Harry Greaves, Sr., Jackson F.

Doe, imprisoned and his house deliberately burned to the ground by Doe’s soldiers.

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