The critical things should be discussed early (first few dates: thoughts on kids, marriage, etc).

The more critical it is, the more important it is to start talking about it early on.


If a guy needs me to choke him, shit or piss on him, or ram cucumbers up his ass - then we probably aren't going to get along.

I don't want to find this out later - after we've had emotional and physical connections.

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I once had a young woman tell me before anything happened..."I like to be REALLY used." Of course the way she said it I got the point. You are already thinking he's possibly too conventional for you without knowing his preferences. Just be yourself unless your "extreme" causes suffering.......you might want to discuss it first.

I was planning to somewhat ease into it anyway so it was not an issue. How critical to the relationship is this kinky sex?

Is this something I should be discussing now before we get to that point?

Or should I just enjoy the routine stuff for a while and then let loose later?

I would say take it slow, while I know men don't take most hints well, I think this is 1 place where you can give him a few hints and he might actually get it.

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