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One would think, in fact, that there is no actual state and that New York City (much like Washington DC) is an independent entity free the reigns of statehood.Unfortunately, what this means is that nobody pays much attention to any other part of the state (and this includes people who actually live in New York).

You want to get a job – you might have to deal with the mob.

You want to live in a particular area- you might have to deal with the mob.

After an interesting response from my, “Top 10 Reasons not to live in California” list, we now turn our attention to other spots around the nation that one might not want to call home.

Moving all the way across the country to the east coast, we find one of the original states of the great union of ours; New York.

New York, however, has experienced a 4.6% overall increase in violent crime.

The numbers are really scary: Murder is up 14% (there were 536 murders in New York in 2010), rape is up 24.5%, robberies increased 5.4% and aggravated assaults jumped 3.2%. That’s a lot of crime when criminal activity is on a decline in virtually every other locale around the country.No wonder there are so many gun advocates in the state.With the prevalent soaring crime rate, street gangs, and organized crime problems confronting the residents of New York; one would think that local law enforcement would be near and dear to the hearts of the New Yorkers.In fact, there are a few states that don’t even have places that can rightfully be called cities (just large towns – hello North and South Dakota).The state of New York, for its part, is pretty much defined, judged and misaligned by the comings and goings of New York City.Unfortunately, it seems that New Yorkers are just as likely to be a victim of police brutality as they are crime. New York has the young West African immigrant who was shot 19 times while standing in front of his apartment by 4 plain clothed police officers.

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