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704(b) safe While partners' capital accounts are not maintained in real time or systematically updated on a recurring basis to reflect changes in the underlying value of partnership property, revaluation events allow partnerships to adjust the partners' capital accounts to more accurately represent the partners' economic entitlements on the basis of current FMVs of partnership property.

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In contrast to these advantages, unlimited liability, mutual agency, and unlimited liability are potential disadvantages to the partnership form of organization.

A partnership is formed when the partners pool their assets.

Equity section (called "Partner Equity") of the general ledger, in which each partner has a separate Capital account and Drawing account.

Those issues include determination of the capital balances of the partners upon investment, division of profits and losses, changes in partner membership, and liquidation of the partnership.

The revaluation of the partnership's assets must represent their true FMV, as would be negotiated at arm's length between unrelated When the IRS introduced the list of permissible revaluation events into the Sec.

704(b) regulations, the idea of a partnership revaluation was novel and viewed as potentially burdensome.

The partnership itself files an information return only.

Although no written partnership agreement is required in order to form a partnership, such an agreement is critical.

As is the case with a proprietorship, each partner has unlimited liability.

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